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Web Classroom Login

Staff - you can login to your gradebook from anywhere you have network access.

FAQ's - We will add answers to frequently asked questions to this page as teachers begin using Gradebook and needing answers. 


Gradebook Essentials

  1. The Gradebook program is actually located in the S: drive on My Computer in the Network Volumes area. This means that you can access Schoolmaster Grades from any computer in the labs even though there is no shortcut on the desktop of the lab computers. If you are logged in as yourself on any computer, you have access to Grades.
  2. Open the Gradebook icon on your desktop, (or dmclass.exe in the S drive)
  3. Under utilities, import schoolmaster rosters (if you are LMS, then you have to choose Class Type to Load, Section or Class. This depends on whether you want your entire gradebook in one file or separate gradebooks for each section. Import rosters only has to be done once when you create the gradbook.
  4. Under File, select Open. The list of classes you have created will be listed for you to choose.
  5. In the top right of the gradebook is the View drop down menu, which consists of Data Entry, Attendance, Assignments, Students, Test History, and Configuration. You can also navigate these views with the Green up/Down buttons to the right of the View Drop Down menu.
  6. You can add assignments in Data Entry View, or in the Assignments view.
  7. Student information is found under the Students view.
  8. Attendance is taken in the Attendance view.
  9. Once we have imported the past years state testing data into schoolmaster, you will also see a students test history on the state tests in the Test History view.
  10. The configuration view has some settings that you can apply to your gradebook. This is where you can create groups of assignments like tests, quizzes, homework, etc. and apply different weights. It is also where you will select the correct mark table for your school.

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