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Staff-School Closure

La Grande School District

Snow /Inclement Weather/School Closure Information for Staff

Weather and other emergencies can cause the need to delay opening or canceling of school.  Announcement of changes to the normal schedule will be made on the following La Grande radio stations:

KUBQ - 98.7 FM
KWRL - 99.9
KCMB - 104.7
KOOL - 105.9 FM
UROCK - 101.1 FM
KLBM - 1450 AM* can operate during power outages

Bookmark the District web site for up to date information.

A delayed start means school starts two hours later than a normal schedule.

When school is delayed for students, licensed staff should report to work at or before 9:30 AM. Classified staff should report at their regular scheduled time unless road / weather conditions prevent travel. Approved leave time will have to be used for time missed or time is made up with approval of superintendent.

When school is closed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, licensed staff do not need to report for work. In the event that make-up days are not required of students, teachers shall fulfill their contract year by participating in designated curriculum or district in-service days prior to June 15 of each year.

When school is closed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, custodial and facilities/maintenance and designated secretarial staff (Classified Employees) shall report to work at their regular scheduled time if feasible, other nonexempt employees who are paid an hourly rate should remain home, unless requested to report to work by their building principal.

Classified employees who do not work under the above guidelines can choose to use available leave, such as personal leave, previously recorded comp. time, and/or vacation time, or take leave without pay on the day(s) of school closure. If an employee has already filed a leave request (prior to school closure) for sick leave, this type of leave may be granted.  Individual administrators also have the option of scheduling make-up time upon the approval of the superintendent.

Administrators will be expected to report as usual on two hour delay or school closure days.  Exceptions will require the approval of the superintendent.