La Grande High School Virtual Comprehensive Distance Learning Disruption

La Grande High School Virtual Comprehensive Learning Session Disruption. 

On Friday, September 18, 2020, La Grande High School had an online 9th grade language arts class disrupted by a student that gave out the class access code to individuals outside our La Grande School District (LGSD) virtual domain.

At this time, LGSD is working with our technology department and the Union County Sheriff’s Department to gather information from the Google Meet session log and investigate this unfortunate disruption.

Two (potentially three) unauthorized persons managed to gain entry to the Google Meet classroom platform and used the chat feature to post vulgar and profane comments, one inappropriate link, as well as a racial slur. Our district web filter would not have allowed the link to be accessible. The unauthorized persons also made verbal profane comments during the meet session. The teacher was able to drop the unauthorized persons from the meet within one minute of their arrival, regain control of the session, and dismiss the class.

The teacher, vice principal, and the principal were later in communication with the students and families of that classroom to inform them of what took place as well as apologize for the incident.

The teacher had inadvertently allowed the unauthorized persons to enter the classroom meet when the teacher did not carefully read the full usernames and did not ensure the persons had logged in with a school-provided Gmail.  

La Grande School District deeply apologizes for this incident.  Vulgar and profane language as well as racial slurs are not appropriate in our school environment and causes a disruption to learning. Our students have the right to feel safe and that is one of our paramount responsibilities.

Security Measures for Staff and Student Protection:

LGSD is reinforcing and enhancing security measures to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Taking these preventative measures will increase the protection and security of our learning environment.

  • Security and accountability: We are requiring all LGSD staff members and students to use their full names and school-issued e-mail accounts to access Google Meet or Zoom sessions.
  • Teachers will admit students and confirm each student should be in the session as part of the attendance process. Teachers will ask to see each student’s face in a synchronous/live format at the start of class. After attendance is taken students may turn their camera off.
  • As an additional security feature, students will work with teachers in the near future to choose an appropriate image or picture for use when their camera is off.  This will ensure consistency of knowing who is logged into the class.
  • LGSD staff will be reinforcing safety and security requirements with students to promote a safe learning environment. We will also review Google Meet session chats for safety and for the misuse of the chat function after each class.
  • Violations of established student behavior expectations that create an unsafe or disruptive school environment will lead to school discipline.

LGSD is committed to the safety and security of students and staff both on-site and during comprehensive distance learning. We will continue to update our processes to meet the needs of students and staff.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (541) 663-3202.


George Mendoza