Please help LGSD prevent COVID cases and close contacts 2.19.21

La Grande School District students and staff are back on-site and I share their enthusiasm for being able to learn and teach in-person. If we wish to keep our school sites open, we must continue to be diligent with all of our safety protocols and we need your help.

In the first two weeks of February we experienced 11 staff members and 83 students who either:

  • tested positive for COVID-19,
  • displayed a primary COVID-19 symptom, or, were
  • identified as a close contact.

Staff members and students being identified as close contacts cause a largely preventable instability to our operations.

Please help our schools by:

  • Keeping your child home if they are showing any COVID-19 primary symptoms,
  • Contacting our nursing staff or a building administrator if you or someone in your household is showing primary symptoms or is a close contact (You will receive instructions as to whether or not your child may attend school), and
  • Working to avoid members of your household being within 6 feet of people outside your household for longer than 15 minutes. 

Mitigating these events to the greatest extent possible will help us limit staff and students being isolated/quarantined and will help keep our schools in operation.

Please, also, continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by guiding all members of your family to wear face coverings, wash their hands frequently, cover their coughs and sneezes, and avoid contact with people who have signs of illness. Please advise your household to get plenty of rest, exercise, and eat a healthy diet.

La Grande School District will continue to diligently monitor the safety practices in our buildings and encourage our staff to follow key safety practices, even when they are outside our buildings.


George Mendoza