Teacher writing on a chalkboard and "New Faces @ LGSD"

New Faces @ LGSD

John Vollinger

English Instructor, La Grande High School

John said he is excited to be in La Grande for “the strong emphasis on getting into the outdoors that seems to be pretty consistent among the community!”

John has a bachelor's degree in English Literature and a master's in the of Art of Teaching from Eastern Oregon University. He said great educators from his past inspired him to pursue a career in the education field, including transformative experiences in English classrooms. “I had teachers that showed us the wisdom of past and present writers, or else inspired us to share the little bits of wisdom we had at the time. I hope to be that for this generation of students.”

His goal for the first year is to soak up as much knowledge and insight from the other teachers as he can, which he said is a big task considering how much they have.

Outside of the classroom, John enjoys reading, writing, swimming, rock-climbing and watching good movies.