Veterans Day Honoring all who served

Greenwood Elementary

Veterans Day Assembly



Students at Greenwood have been working hard to make a school tradition a great event in November. They have been practicing a variety of songs to perform at the Veterans Day Assembly on Wednesday, November 9th. According to Kate Dunlap, the school’s music teacher, the program was first produced in 2004 by former music teacher Carla Varland, whose son was deployed at the time.

All students will participate, singing songs including the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America. Dunlap said they will also sing a song called Thank A Vet, and veterans are welcome to stand together during this, which is sometimes emotional, she said.


The Veterans Day Assembly honors veterans who are affiliated with Greenwood School. A slideshow highlighting them will be shown. Dunlap said she thinks the students enjoy the connection they feel with the veterans at the event. She has been teaching her classes about the history and meaning of Veterans Day “so they can be in awe of it and what these individuals have done. I want students to understand that our country is deeper than what we see now. The freedoms here and around the world that our veterans have fought for are important for students to value.”


Greenwood Library Clerk Jenifer Wilcox has been helping Dunlap plan the event. The school contacts the local VA and VFW to invite them to the event. Greenwood families and community members are also welcome to attend the assembly from 1:45 to 2:15 PM on November 9th in the school gym.